Photography Props

Photography Props

Photography props was something I didn’t even think of when I first started taking photos. Then I started looking around and seeing all these awesome props and thought to myself I can’t buy these right now, however, maybe I can make them! So I started with tutus. I went to and searched non sewing tutu making (I can’t sew to save my life). Wow! I didn’t realize how easy it is. Here are a couple of pictures using some of my tutus.

redwhiteblueavaweb 200x300 Photography Props ALbatonrougeweb 178x300 Photography Props

I then went shopping at Gordman’s and Hobby Lobby. I love these stores for props, however, I can get into lots of trouble in there buying! The first one box I bought was a treasure box here are a couple of set ups. The blue netting is a blue tutu on a hoop from a thrift store!velvetashsimplevintageweb 200x300 Photography Props wendy2web 300x200 Photography PropsThe next prop I bought was the Pretty Box. Here is a shot with the pretty box and some of my tutus.bri 200x300 Photography Props mobiledreamyweb 200x300 Photography Props

I didn’t want to forget the crowns I just made. This is simple: Go buy some lace and some liquid stiffener and paint. You can see my treasure box comes in pretty handy. babyandcrownweb 300x204 Photography Props Kristin 32 1024x725 300x212 Photography Props Kristin 113web 300x200 Photography PropsHowever, I have gotten people asking me don’t you take pictures of little boys. I was so happy to have the chance to photograph this little boy. I had my children help me come up with this set using my treasure box and their toys. landonandskullweb 300x200 Photography Props landonwithchestweb 300x200 Photography PropsI can’t take credit for this prop but I did set him up with his dads old letter jacket.landonsideweb 300x200 Photography Props

Another prop I can’t take credit for, however, this was an awesome set up!kennedyandringsweb 300x226 Photography Props

I can’t forget my hat box and pearls. Yes, this little one was only 5 days old and fit perfect in the hat box.kennedy10web 300x200 Photography Props

I also made this fairy dress with no sew tutu! Wow! I never knew I could be so creative. I am really proud of this dress.autumndancingweb 200x300 Photography Props autumnsittingweb 200x300 Photography Props

I have many props and I keep buying them. I might be addicted to props! Here is my latest fantastic prop! My zebra chair and yes my purple tutu! I have to say awesome!

Elia 47 web 200x300 Photography Props

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